Tejas-pandyaPt. Tejas Pandya – M.A  (Vedang Jytoish)

Pt. Tejas Pandya completed his Masters Degree M.A in Vedang Jytoish from Kavi Kulguru Sanskrit University, Ramtek, Maharashtra.

He offers Vedic Chart (Birth Chart / Kundali / Janmpatrika) Reading and Effective Vastu techniques to ensure a positive and peaceful environment. He is passionate about the subject and his mission is to help individuals, Business Entities and organizations in achieving their personal, social and professional goals by using the divine knowledge.

Apart from residential, his expertise extends up to other segments of Vastu such as Home Vastu and Commercial Vastu. His proficiency in Reading Birth Chart, Match Making between two Soul Mate, Gemstone Suggestion, Muhurt Suggestion for Shodash Sanskar and other Good Activities in Life.

He has helped many people in their life who has find stability and security in career, relationships, wealth and life! His popularity and credibility can be measured by the level of respect his admirer’s shower on him.

He is practicing Vedic Astrology and Vastu Science since 2011 for better living and better life for all human being.

He is an best Astrologer, Counselor, Vastu Shastri, Mantra Therapist & Healer.

Pt. Tejas Pandya is belongs to Brahmin family and since childhood he is practicing several Spiritual Practices, Grantha and Shastra Pathnam of Sanatan Dharma who is learnt from his father.

He provides consulting advice based on Vedic Astrology and Vastu (Ancient Indian Architecture).